Over the years, on the way to prevent and control mosquitoes, most people can only hope that mosquito repellent products can reduce the exposure of mosquitoes to the human body.

   There are many types of mosquito killer products available on the market. Generally, there are mosquito coils, insect repellent liquid, mosquito spray, electric shock mosquito killer, mosquito killer, etc., ranging from a few yuan to tens of yuan or hundreds of yuan.

  Common mosquito coil, its active ingredient is pyrethroid insecticide, which is a low-toxic and highly effective insecticide allowed by the state. Although the content of mosquito coils is relatively small. However, placing excessive amounts of mosquito coils in a closed room for a long time may cause dizziness, headache, nausea, blurred vision, and difficulty breathing.

   These traditional anti-mosquito products are difficult for consumers to use with 100% confidence. Consumers have increasingly higher requirements for anti-mosquito products. They not only expect to achieve the effect of anti-mosquitoes, but also prefer environmentally-friendly, healthy, natural and safe anti-mosquito products.

   Consumers who want a safe and effective mosquito-killing effect can give priority to physical mosquito-killing methods. Among many anti-mosquito products, the mosquito-killing lamp is one of the mosquito-killing products that use physical mosquito-killing methods. Its principle is to use the phototaxis of mosquitoes and attract mosquitoes by simulating human biological information, and then air-dry them to death to achieve physical mosquito-killing.

For safety reasons, some consumers may prefer to choose mosquito killers. If they choose inferior mosquito killers, it is easy to cause electric shock and other hazards. Not only does it have no mosquito killer effect, but it also causes noise problems that affect sleep. Lights are also likely to affect human health. Therefore, when choosing a mosquito killer, you must choose a brand-guaranteed lamp, so that the product quality can be guaranteed.

   But the mosquito killer brands on the market are mixed, under the banner of physical mosquito killers, but the quality is uneven and there is no mosquito killer effect, making the mosquito killer lamp only a decoration in the bedroom.

   In addition to the function of safe and efficient mosquito killing, the noise of the mosquito killer is also one of the criteria for evaluating the quality of a mosquito killer. In the modern high-pressure urban life, people are more eager for an independent rest space without hustle and noise, and even the buzzing of mosquito killers that are turned on at night refuses to accept.

The noise generated by most mosquito killer lamps is generally around 40 decibels. In view of the noise generated by the mosquito killer lamp during operation, the mosquito killer lamp manufacturers have also put a lot of effort in noise reduction and carried out a humanized noise reduction design to reduce the noise to 26 decibels, achieve silent mosquito catching. What is the concept of 26 decibels? According to the international noise standard, the flapping sound of a flying mosquito has 40 decibels, and the sound of 26 decibels is almost negligible, which meets the quiet indoor environment standard in the international standard. When the mosquito killer is turned on at night, the sound of the mosquito killer is almost imperceptible, and it runs quietly all night.