1. Before disassembling the mosquito killer lamp, be sure to block the power supply (unplug the power plug of the mosquito killer lamp), and then use a small screwdriver to touch the two adjacent metal wires of the high-voltage power grid to discharge high voltage. Otherwise, you may suffer an electric shock during disassembly, and you may simply or unconsciously drop the mosquito killer, causing damage to the ultraviolet fluorescent tube or other parts, so be careful.

  2. Generally, the structure of the mosquito killer is not messy. Generally, the inner core can be removed by unscrewing the 2 or 3 screws on the upper cover or base of the plastic shell.

  3. If you need to disassemble the lamp, you should first exit the lamp holder, and then be careful to pinch the glass tube near the lamp holder, and then gradually rotate the lamp out. When disassembling, be careful not to damage the suction tip seal at the end of the lamp, otherwise the lamp will be scrapped if it leaks.

  4. If you want to disassemble the printed circuit board, in addition to unscrewing the screws that fix the printed circuit board, generally you should also disassemble the lamp connection line and the connection line of the high-voltage power grid, otherwise it is not convenient for inspection and repair, and the related components are simply damaged. .

  5. After the overhaul is over, the reversible disassembly process is carried out for installation. When reinstalling, pay attention to the maintenance of the ultraviolet fluorescent tube and the components on the printed circuit board, and also prevent the high-voltage power grid from short-circuiting due to the collision of metal wires.

  6. After installation, conduct a power-on test. After plugging in the power plug of the mosquito killer, the ultraviolet fluorescent tube should glow. Then pull out the power plug, touch the two adjacent metal wires of the high-voltage power grid with a screwdriver, you should see the discharge sparks and hear the discharge sound.