The quality inspection report of the mosquito killer lamp is processed, and the mosquito killer lamp has also become a mosquito catcher. It is one of the tools used to kill mosquitoes and mainly uses the phototaxis of mosquitoes to catch them. Mosquito traps use the nocturnal, phototaxis and carbon dioxide tropism of mosquitoes to attract mosquitoes through the lamp tube, and use the peripheral high-voltage electric shock net to instantly scorch the mosquitoes in contact, or suck the mosquitoes into the bottom net and trap them. The mosquito-killing lamp must be sold on the e-commerce platform until it is air-dried to achieve a quality inspection report.

  In fact, mosquito killer lamps belong to the category of household appliances, and the quality inspection report needs to be tested in accordance with the testing standards of household appliances; therefore, the testing standards for the quality inspection report of mosquito killers can be tested according to the GB4706 general electrical appliance testing standard for household appliances; What is GB4706? What testing standards must be provided for household appliances to enter e-commerce?

  At present, major shopping malls, online shopping malls and specialty stores have put forward higher requirements for product testing and certification. Entering Tmall and must pass the national standard quality inspection for a series of products. Tmall made investment qualification in 2015 Changes, the changes mainly involve the addition and modification of the entry qualifications of the nine major categories of investment promotion: "Household appliances, 3C digital, cosmetics, food and health products, footwear, luggage, service categories, electronic ticketing certificates, sports outdoor, apparel". Products must provide a quality inspection report (each brand must provide at least one quality inspection report issued by a third-party authoritative organization, and the content of the finished product inspection report must include the brand name, product name, product model, and various types of testing required for various products item).

  Since the quality of the product may change with changes in the environment, time and other conditions, theoretically the conclusion of the test report can only reflect the quality characteristics of the test. Therefore, the expiry date will not be marked on the test report.