With the advent of summer, mosquito repellent products are also popular. The mosquito racket is a kind of mosquito repellent that looks like a tennis racket, but contains low voltage and can electrocute mosquitoes. The current will only take effect after charging. Why can't the mosquito swatter be charged?

  1, the power switch of the mosquito swatter

   Commonly used 6x6mm light-touch miniature key switches, working under the condition of 120~200mA. Due to frequent operations to switch on and off the power supply, it is easier to damage. There are two types of damage:

   (1) The contact is oxidized and the contact is poor, the indicator light does not light up, and the mosquito swatter does not work.

   (2) The reed is fatigued, the contacts are sticky, and the indicator light is always on. Once the battery is installed, the mosquito swatter will work. Micro switches are small in size and troublesome to maintain, so they are generally replaced with new ones. Such so-called rechargeable fly swatters, flashlights, emergency lights, etc. are on the market. Inside are all 4V lead-acid batteries. RC constant current charging. Batteries lose water quickly and die quickly.

  2, battery box and battery

   Most of the faults of the battery box are battery leakage, which causes the positive copper sheet or negative spring to rust and oxidize, and the contact is poor, causing the mosquito swatter to not work. Use a knife to completely scrape off the rust. If the mosquito swatter is not used for a long time, it is advisable to unload the battery, which is a good way to prevent corrosion and oxidation of the electrode.

   The battery is used for a long time and consumes power. If the voltage of each battery is below 1V (the indicator LED is darker), it will cause insufficient high voltage and poor mosquito killing effect. Replace two new batteries.