Who invented the electric mosquito swatter?

  After so long, the editor has always been very curious. At first, the editor thought that this technology was the conversion of farmers to civilians. After all, the existence of mosquitoes has a certain impact on the development of agriculture and animal husbandry. I have seen the countryside use special equipment to repel mosquitoes to reduce the harassment of humans and animals.

  Or is it a military-to-civilian? After all, since World War II, many civilian technologies have been developed and used by the military at the beginning. The most influential one is the current ubiquitous Internet technology.

  Xiaobian searched for information on the Internet in these two directions, but found nothing. So I changed directions silently and started searching with the keyword "the invention of electric mosquito swatter". The results were very confusing, mainly three people. Some people answered that an American inventor applied for the patent first, others said that it was an electric mosquito swatter invented by a Taiwan inventor, and there were reports that a "patent queen" in Fujian applied for the patent first.

  The history of the sea is ups and downs, the truth is hard to find, but the editor has discovered a rule that the invention of these claims was around the 80s and 90s of the last century. This is very important. After the reform and opening up, people's living standards have improved, and there is a significant change-"light telephones, upstairs and downstairs"-more and more electricity is used, and the national grid is gradually being built.

  By the way, it is difficult for children nowadays to imagine that there is no electricity for most of the day. How to live such a life?

  is the widespread application of electricity, laying the foundation for the birth of electric mosquito swatter. However, at that time, electric mosquito swatters were mostly powered by dry batteries. Considering the price of batteries, this gadget should not be too popular. The fact that electric mosquito swatters have actually entered thousands of households may be something of this century.

  In fact, the popularity of electric mosquito swatters is not only a manifestation of the diversification of mosquito killers, but it can also be seen that the people's living standards have greatly improved, and it is a certain sense of consumption upgrade.